Eunseo Dana Choi

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Junior Researcher
BA Economics and Statistics with
Kellogg Certificate in Managerial Analytics
Northwestern University

Research Interests

Human-computer interaction, social computing, human-centered AI, collaborative decision-making, societal problems, and tech policy


Airbnb’s Reputation System and Gender Differences Among Guests: Evidence from Large-Scale Data Analysis and a Controlled Experiment. Eunseo Choi, Ágnes Horvát. Proceedings of Social Informatics (SocInfo), 2019. (pdf) [slides]

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Talk @ Social Informatics Conference


Conversational Interface for News, Knight Lab
Project Member
September 2019 – December 2019

  • Our team is exploring ways to make news more ”conversational”. We are examining college students’ online news searching behavior, specifically news on the 2020 US presidential election.
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Progress Report: slides coming soon!


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Northwestern University
Bachelor of Arts in Statistics and Economics
Kellogg Certificate in Managerial Analytics

September 2015 – December 2019
Research Advisor: Professor Ágnes Horvát

Courses: Regression Analysis, Data Science Series, Statistical Methods Series, Advanced Survey Sampling, Marketing Management, Competitive Strategy & Industrial Structure, Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Econometrics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Accelerated Math Series – Linear Algebra & Multivariable Calculus, Fundamentals of Computer Programming I-II, Global Asians, Asian American Society and Cultural Analysis

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Yonsei University
Visiting Student

June 2016 – August 2016

Work Experience

Product Fellow at NAVER
July 2019 – August 2019

  • Performed market research on the global media and entertainment industry (China, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Canada) to look for broader market opportunities and led qualitative research identifying out-of-country customers’ needs and preferences
  • Built and pitched product strategies to improve fan experiences on VLIVE (a live streaming service)

Final Report* : [Slides]

Data Science Intern at Superbalist
July 2017 – August 2017

  • Examined 9 different TV channel performances in Q2 2017 with R, and visualized the effectiveness of each channel by day, hour, and cost in ggplot; made concrete and data-driven recommendations based on my findings using R markdown
  • Analyzed order and return merchandise authorization history by month and identified duplicate accounts using SQL
  • Created ML-powered predictive model to detect customers who are likely to be fraudulent
  • Conducted independent project to improve customers’ product-searching process; web-scraped every product image on and identified the top 10 tags for each product using GoogleVision API

Research Assistant at Inclusive Technology Lab, Northwestern University
September 2018 – January 2019

  • Worked with Elham Beheshti and Katya Horgoš-Rodriguez to study how haptics can enhance science learning
  • Transcribed and coded videos of parent-child dyads’ interactions with TCircuit, an application with friction touch-screen display, to test its effectiveness

Research Assistant at Culture, Diversity, and Inequality Lab, Kellogg School of Management
September 2016 – December 2017

  • Worked with Andrea Dittmann, Professor Jon Maner, and Professor Nicole Stephens
  • Coded MBA students’ classroom behaviors to identify how gender, social class, race, and ethnicity affect people’s experiences and outcomes in settings such as education and the workplace
  • Led weekly lab experiments to examine the effects of different power levels on individuals’ perspective-taking abilities and empathy

Honors and Awards

  • KSEA Scholarship Recipient (2019), Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association
  • Digital Media Module Conference Travel Grant (2019), Northwestern University
  • OUR Conference Travel Grant (2019), Northwestern University
  • Weinberg Conference Travel Grant (2019), Northwestern University
  • Selected Finalist for the Fletcher URG Prize (2018), Northwestern University
    • An award for the most outstanding Summer URG projects.
    • Nomination reviewed by the URG Committee (made up of faculty from across the University) taking into consideration the quality of the initial proposal, the final research findings, the statements of the faculty advisor, and opinions of the original reviewers of the proposal.
  • Grand Prize in National Hangeul Idea Competition (2018), South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Grant (2018), Northwestern University
  • Dean’s List (2016, 2017, 2018), Northwestern University
  • 2nd Prize in Case Competition (2017), Capital One


Technical Skills

Advanced: Qualtrics, Inqscribe
Moderate: R, MS OFFICE, LaTeX, Adobe Creative Suite, LIWC, Sketch
Novice: C++, HTML, CSS, Python



Extracurriculars / School Service

Student Advisory Board Representative, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Sep 2018 – Dec 2019

Resident Assistant, Northwestern Residential Services
Dec 2017 – Jun 2018

  • Quickly adapted to the new role as a mid-year RA; Managed a university residence hall floor of 33 ethnically diverse undergraduate/transfer students and coordinated with other student staffs to run community engagement programs
  • Performed on-site duties and desk shifts for 15 hours per week and addressed questions/issues raised by residents

K-Sound DJ and Marketing Manager, WNUR-FM School Radio
Sep 2016 – Mar 2019

  • Drove the growth of K-Sound‘s brand presence on- and off- campus through social media outreach;Increased Instagram followers by 30%
  • Coordinated and planned programming for shows introducing under-represented music made in Korea that may be shadowed by the global explosive popularity of K-pop
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